Color Your Brand Workshop

Let's find the perfect color palette for your dream brand together!

Stop spinning in a circle for finding the perfect colors for your brand and get it actually done in just 2 days!

Join my Color Your Brand Workshop - A two-part workshop - where I will be walking you through my most effective method of not only finding the right colors for your brand but also knowing how to use that color palette in your designs so that you will never get stuck on designing attractive graphics using the color palette you have chosen!

PART 1: Monday, February 7th, 2022 >> You will receive a short video series of 2 videos (30-45 mins long) that will walk you through the entire process.

PART 2: Wednesday, February 9th, 2022>> A 1-hour BONUS Q & A session to answer all your questions and offer extra help to implement the 


Building your brand - especially hunting for the "perfect" color palette can get you stuck for...who knows how long!

We all know how important it is for your business to find a color palette that will suit your dream brand, but it's not a walk in the park for everyone.

Maybe you are trying really hard to "get" how to build your brand, choose the colors and fonts for your brand but after trying different color combinations you still don't feel satisfied.

Maybe you feel stuck when it comes to choosing a color palette for your brand because there are literally too many beautiful choices - how to choose just one, right?

Maybe you do pick a few color palettes but when you use those colors in your designs they don't look like what you imagined (UUHHHH!!)

And maybe you are just sick and tired of this process of - "choose a color palette - try it on the graphics - and throw it in a bin because it didn't look as good as I thought - start over again", right?

But what if there is a way to make sure you choose colors that WILL look good with each other and know the secret guidelines to ensure your graphics WILL look good using that color palette?

And what if that way is very very simple to apply without learning any new concept or color theory to confuse you even more?

That's what the "Color Your Brand" workshop does for you. In this workshop I won't be teaching you color wheels, or color theory even though they have a crucial role in good graphics designing because I know, you are not here to be a graphic designer. You have a business to run and you simply need to have a few basic guidelines that will make your designing task a lot easier but at the same time ensure that you will always use the colors in the right way to make your graphics attractive and beautiful!

In Just two days, you will have a color palette chosen for your brand and a set of guidelines ready to use when you will sit down to design graphics using your chosen color palette.

Hi! I'm Sneha!

And I know how it feels when you are doing it all by yourself and trying to figure out your branding and colors and everything!

When I first started my online business, the first challenge I faced was of choosing a color palette and building a perfect brand for my business and I realized in a few days that it wasn't as easy as I thought! I tried different guides, courses but doing it all by myself was the biggest struggle. many times I wished for some guidance where I can ask the questions I had, ask about the struggles I faced because googling the answers was not that helpful!

It was my love for designing that kept me going and as I worked on my business, on my client's businesses, I figured out a system that was very helpful for my clients to choose their perfect color palette. And I wanted to share this system with everyone who is struggling with this part of branding in their business right now!

And I wanted to be there to guide them through my formula, answer the questions they will have while following the process and get them to end results by holding their hand.

This is what I am going to do in the Color Your Brand workshop. Actually, I would have loved to offer you tea/coffee and work on this challenge together as friends but virtually we could try to do this :)!

I will be waiting for you with my cup of tea!

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This module contains the prep work material you need for this workshop.

Part 2 - Live Q & A Session Details

This module contains the link to the live Q & A session happening on 18th Feb 2022 at 11 AM EST.

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